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Thank you so much for the nice installation of our new window well covers. They look wonderful and we know we'll enjoy them for a long time. We really appreciate the prompt return calls answering our questions. Also the installation was very nicely done. Jim - Cheyenne, WY

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Polyguard Window Well Covers are designed to provide strong, attractive, lightweight, and affordable protection for dangerous window wells. Covers are manufactured using virtually unbreakable UV protected polycarbonate plastic supported by strong aluminum braces. Polyguard Window Well Covers can support the weight of 350 lbs.

Each cover is custom made to fit the exact shape and size of each window well. The aluminum supporting braces provide extra support. Additionally, the aluminum braces raise the back of the cover approximately 1 ˝ inches to create a slope from the back of the window well down towards the front. This slope allows rain and snow to drain off the cover and away from the foundation. As well as, creating a small gap between the cover and the top of the window well for air to circulate into the window well and basement area. Covers are made to sit flat for window wells within a deck, patio or other walkways and upon request. Covers are usually manufactured and installed within 1-2 weeks of approval.

Covers manufactured for corrugated metal window wells will overlap approximately 1-2 inches beyond the edge of the window well. Covers manufactured for wood, plastic, brick, or concrete window wells will have will overlap approximately .5-2” beyond the edge of the window well.

All Polyguard Window Well Covers are designed to meet building code requirements providing a quick and easy escape in the event of an emergency. All covers attach directly to the window well and not to the foundation, brick, or siding. Covers for corrugated metal window wells feature spring tension clips that are attached to the window well cover and easily snap onto the top of the window well holding the cover in place. On covers for wood or concrete window wells the aluminum supporting braces are notched creating a stopping point to hold the cover in its proper position. We highly recommend our security kit for covers installed on wood or concrete window wells that may be subject to high winds.

Security Kits are available to help deter intruders from easy access into the basement. Security Kits are designed to allow quick and easy exit from the basement in the event of an emergency.

Escape Ladders are available to assist in exiting deep window wells.

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