4 Reasons to Invest in a Quality Window Well Cover

Basement with Window Wells - Covers

1. Safety For Your Family & Pets

Your family needs to be safe in the event of an emergency. Having a cover they can actually lift or that has a an egress and quality ladder to exit is important. Oftentimes the cheaper window well covers are made of heavy rebar with no egress which poses a risk for a quick exit.

*Did you know?
Cheaper window well covers made out of rebar are extremely heavy and pose a risk for a safe and quick exit from your basement. Opting for the cheap plastic is also a risk in that it cannot properly hold weight, quickly gets brittle and breaks in no time due to the elements.

Open Window Well - new construction

2. Keep Out Wild Animals & Pests

There is nothing worse than finding hurt or dead mice, birds, toads, bunnies and more in your window wells. It is a terrible way to go and one that needs not happen. Cats and dogs can fall in and there was recently a deer in Colorado which fell into a window well. The simple fix to this situation is to purchase a quality cover.

*Did you know?
Around 5,000 kids fall into window wells each year according to Web MD.

3. Protect Your Home From the Elements

It is a constant battle in trying to keep water and snow away from your foundation and basement. The Polyguard and Metalguard basement covers are perfect for protecting your asset – your home. From flooded homes, freezing cold homes, moisture and mold, a proper cover will keep you from having an expensive disaster.

*Did you know?
Polyguard Window Well covers are made of the same polycarbonate that airplane windows are made of, the airplane windows are simply thicker!

Bright Finished Basement

4. Let in Light and Have Airflow

Polyguard window well covers allow for maximum light intake. The common misconception is that the plastic is cheap and they seal the window well making it air tight. The polycarbonate is what airplane windows are made of and the proper installation allows for airflow. We install them properly whereas many others install these covers flat which doesn’t allow for airflow. The metal covers do not allow quite as much light as the see through Polyguard covers, but they allow for maximum air flow.

*Did you know?
Polyguard Covers can hold up to 350 pounds of weight?

Metal Window Well Cover, Windsor, Colorado

Polyguard Window Well vs. Metal

You know you need a quality window well cover, now you need to decide which one fits your needs best.