Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Measuring and installation services are available in areas serviced by authorized installers. Current service areas include Colorado, I-70 north to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Those that live outside our area can obtain our covers through their local Lowe’s with our Do-it-yourself measure and installation option.

At this time, we have discontinued out of state sales due to the challenges of shipping large covers. It is not a cost effective option for customers when they have to pay almost as much for shipping as the covers themselves. Exception: Cheyenne, Wyoming

A template measuring appointment is typically scheduled within a week of placing your order. Once the template process is completed the covers will be manufactured and installed. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for Polyguard Covers and 4 to 5 weeks for Metalguard Covers from the time of approval. Exceptions to this include window wells that are oversized or highly custom, specialty wells, or inclement weather, and seasonal demands which could lengthen the installation date.

No. Our covers are manufactured using virtually indestructible polycarbonate plastic which carries a lifetime warranty against breakage for parts manufactured by Polyguard. The material of the covers has a natural “flex” due to the rise in back, however covers will support up to 350 lbs. (See product warranty).

No. Our Polycarbonate plastic contains a UV inhibitor to defend against the effects of the sun and are warranted for a period of 10-years.

We use clear or transparent Polycarbonate to allow the maximum amount of natural sunlight into your basement! Covers that are not clear or made with pebbled finishes tend to yellow in direct sunlight.

Metalguard Covers are typically a semi-custom cover. We have chosen material and a process that we think provides you with the best cover aesthetically and functionally. We use angle iron to bend and wrap around the outside of the well (except for wells surrounded by concrete or decking material) so that there is a smooth outer edge. This prevents the cover from shifting too far from one side or the other. Bending angle iron is a difficult and challenging process. The covers are designed to have a loose fit for easy removal and egress. Metalguard covers will not fit like a glove but will match the shape the best that we can with some slight variation from one well to the next. Metalguard Covers cannot be manufactured for highly custom situations. Our design also eliminates the need to lift the entire weight of the cover; the covers simply can be removed by sliding them forward. Metalguard Covers are usually manufactured and installed within 3-4 weeks of approval.

Yes. All covers are designed to be easily removed in case of an emergency.

Yes. For this type of application, the covers are designed to sit flat and are built with additional support. Please note that covers can be slippery when wet. Covers installed in a deck or patio will have less flex since the entire cover sits flat on the surrounding surface.

We can manufacture covers for this type of application. This option may increase the price of your cover since it requires additional material. We recommend our Polyguard Covers for this option. They can be customized to provide you the best coverage.

Covers are raise in the back 1.5” to allow air to circulate into the window well and basement area; therefore, your well will not heat up. Covers may be made more “flat” with a slight .5” rise upon request. If covers are made more flat, this will reduce the amount of air flow and limit the amount of drainage.

There is a chance for scratching if a child or someone uses a screwdriver or something sharp that might score the Polycarbonate plastic. Typically our covers do not get scratched once installed, and any light scratching that may occur usually is not visible in an outdoor environment. Proper cleaning and maintenance of the cover will reduce the chance of a cover becoming damaged (see product warranty).

Polyguard Covers use aluminum support brackets to prevent rusting. Metalguard Covers are finished with a nice powder coating finish to help prevent rusting. Parts not manufactured by Polyguard carry only the warranty of the manufacturer, and the purchaser should contact the manufacturer with respect to the defective part not warranted by Polyguard (see product warranty).

Yes. All covers are custom made to fit the size and shape of your window well. A security feature is recommended for covers made for these type of wells. Our professional installer can assist you in determining which window well cover option might be best for you.

Slide the latch onto the cable and attach the cable to the covers using the “s” hooks provided. Make sure to crimp the “s” hooks closed so they cannot come off accidentally during installation.

Install security kit eye ring using the self drilling screws provided. You will need a 5/16” nut driver attachment on a power or battery operated drill. Position the ring on the inside of the window well as far down into the well as the cables will allow. Also, install the ring as close to the foundation as possible.

Concrete, Wood, Plastic, and brick window wells: Security Kits are recommended for these types of wells as this is the only way to hold the cover in place and prevent the wind from lifting the covers. The security kit attaches the cover to the window well and can be released to allow for escape. Installation on concrete wells will require the use of a hammer drill to bore into the concrete.

We provide installation services from Castle Rock to Northern Colorado. Your service area is dependent upon your zip code. If you live in a zip code serviced by one of our Authorized Installers then you can choose to have your window well covers installed by If you live in Colorado Springs or Cheyenne, WY you can order at Lowe’s using our do-it-yourself option. We have discontinued shipping covers to locations outside our direct service area.

A Place-N-Trace template kit is used to trace an outline of your window well in order to custom make your window well cover. Place-N-Trace Template kits are available at your local Lowe’s Home Improvement (click here for a list).

If you are within our service area, Polyguard Covers, Inc. provides installation services. Enter your window well’s basic dimensions to learn more about the price of your window well cover and installation charges.

Quantity discounts are available on order of 12 covers or more.

Companies selling over the Internet are subject to the same sales tax collection requirements as any other retailers. Therefore, charges sales tax based on the destination of the shipment or delivery.