Do-It-Yourself Kits

Are you a person that likes to Do-It-Yourself, or maybe you live outside our service area?
Polyguard Covers polycarbonate window well covers are available by special order at your local Lowe’s store!

Ordering Instructions at Lowe’s:

Step 1
Accurately measure width (W), projection (P) and window height (WH). Bring measurements to Lowe’s to start your order.

Step 2
Pay for the order to receive a TEMPLATE KIT. Read and complete template kit instructions, which include:

Complete measuring worksheet.

Trace each individual window well.

Step 3
Return your template to store. Your covers will be manufactured and delivered within 14 to 21 business days.

Step 4
Pick up cover(s) from Lowe’s, take home, and install!

Do-It-Yourself Place N Trace Template Kits available only at these select locations:

Professional Measuring & Installation Services not available through these dealers.
Offering Polyguard Covers Only!
METALGUARD covers are only available directly from Polyguard Covers, Inc. at this time.

Lowe's(Prices may vary)