About Polyguard

About Polyguard Covers, Based Out of the Windsor, Colorado Area

We are a local family owned and operated Colorado company that is dedicated to serving you with high quality products, services, and experience. We thank you for your support during good times and bad. While other companies and product imitations have come and gone, please know that Polyguard Covers, Inc. will be here for you tomorrow. Call today to find out why our Polyguard Covers stand above the rest!

Founded in January of 2001 as Northern Colorado Custom Covers, LLC, we were established to provide attractive and affordable protection for dangerous window wells, offering sales and installation of high quality custom window well covers. As a result of continuing demand in retail and wholesale sales, we incorporated and expanded under the name: Polyguard Covers, Inc. Our Polyguard basement window well covers are strong, lightweight, attractive, and affordable. Each cover is custom built to fit the exact size and shape of the window well. Polyguard employees go onsite to take measurements, and then custom build each cover for the customer. We are committed to providing a quality product along with superior service.

In 2001, our covers were manufactured in a 1200 square foot shop located near Severance, Colorado. In January 2007, Polyguard Covers, Inc. moved to a new manufacturing facility near Eaton, Colorado. We manufacture window well covers in large quantities in order to reduce material and labor costs, therefore, minimizing the retail prices our customer pay. As a result, more customers are able to afford quality window well covers.

Our state of the art Website was developed to provide sales and service of custom window well covers online. Polyguardcovers.com offers local customers the opportunity to obtain instant, online quotes, view options, and place orders.

Polyguard Covers, Inc. provides sales and service along Colorado’s Front Range (North Denver to the Wyoming border), and Cheyenne, Wyoming.

We are grateful for all the support we have received from all the Colorado communities that we service. It is our customers that have helped us grow, and it will continue to be each homeowner that helps us maintain our success as a small business in Colorado and Cheyenne, Wyoming.

If you have any questions about Polyguard Covers, Inc., please contact us.