Becky S. – Windsor, CO

I purchased the window well covers from you about three years ago, and I just love them! They are wonderful as the light still gets into my basement, and yet it keeps all the debris out. I was very thankful when I was pruning bushes a week ago that I had them on my window wells. I could trim the bushes without having to worry that the branches would fall into the window well and then I’d have to get down there and clean them out!

During the winter they keep the snow out, which means that moisture does not get into the windows wells where it could later leak into the house. From the small amount of heat that radiates thru the basement window, the covers are warmed up and the snow slides off easily!

I can stand on them if necessary to trim bushes, etc, without having to worry about falling in, and they look really nice too! The clips that you installed keep them in place, so there’s no worry about them moving even the slightest little bit.

Before I had them installed, I had frogs fall into the window wells and sadly, they died because I didn’t realize they were in there. Your covers keep this from happening to frogs or any other small creative who might wander into my yard! And I know the neighborhood kids are safe when they come to play in my yard.

Plus they’re easy to keep clean – just spray the water over them and they look shiny and new!

Thanks so much for doing such a great job of custom fitting them to the window wells, and for taking the time to come back and put the clips on.


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